Mundus Productions was founded in 1999 by percussionist and producer Sjahin During, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Various international projects and collaborations which resulted in 12 album releases and worldwide tours in more than 45 countries at major jazz and world music festivals.

Sjahin During has been founder of recordlabel Mundus Productions and artistic leader of many renowned groups which toured worldwide such as Namibian Tales, Arifa & Voices from the East, Afro Anatolian Tales, Tarhana, Turqumstances and Bayuba Cante.

As a percussion player it brought Sjahin from the beginning of his career to study and work in places like Cuba, Spain, Africa, Turkey, Middle East and India. Always with one leg grounded in the world of the Amsterdam Jazz scene & western music. It brought many unique collaborations with his own projects meeting ancient musical traditions such as the San – Bushmen from the Kalahari, Rajasthan Gypsies, Cuban adventures and many amazing collaborations with musicians from India, China, Korea, Iran, Tunis, Turkey and the Balkan.

Sjahin got specialized through the world of percussion and rhythms in many different music traditions from over the world. Living in Amsterdam which has such a rich and diverse art scene, covered him opportunities to invite and create many different projects along the way. Besides the ethnic input from the “Music of the World” there was always a close relationship with music influences from Jazz and in his childhood classical music.